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Did you know: the closing attorney represents the buyer and/or the buyer's lender? They do not represent you, the seller. In fact, it's unethical for an attorney to represent all 3 parties. The closing attorney may, however, provide "document preparation" services to unrepresented sellers. Each attorney sets their own doc prep fees, but they typically range anywhere from $275 to $450.00 and are paid for by you, the seller.  

For about the same cost, you can hire your own real estate attorney to fully represent you as a seller, from pre-listing through closing. Your attorney will work hand-in-hand with you, the agents, closing attorney, and all other parties to ensure your closing experience is as smooth and seamless as possible. Your attorney would securely order payoff statements from your mortgage company, make sure  property taxes are correctly apportioned, and remain on "standby" to resolve any title issues or other unexpected matters that may be uncovered.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring the Law Office of John Cappello to represent you as a seller of Rhode Island or Massachusetts Real Estate:
  • Our fees are paid at closing, and we never charge you a fee or cost unless you successfully close
  • We communicate early and often with all parties and provide you and seller with regular status updates via text, email, phone
  • Our fiduciary obligation is to you, the seller
  • We're available virtually 24/7 to put out fires and answer questions
  • We can clear most common title issues in 30 days or less. If we can’t, we let you know up-front so you can plan accordingly.
  • Optional - we'll serve as seller’s Power of Attorney at the closing. 
  • Seamless transition to same-day “piggyback” purchases. We’ll gladly handle your purchase closing, often with a bundled discount!

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