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Tips for a smooth and successful homebuying process.
Painting a few walls in your new home may be a DIY project for you, but finding, financing, and closing on that home takes a team of trusted professionals. To ensure a smooth and successful homebuying process from start to finish, you need to hand-pick an all-star real estate team as early as possible.  

You'll probably put your trusted Realtor in the leadoff spot, followed by a knowledgeable lender, and an experienced home inspector batting third. But who's your choice for that all-important cleanup spot? The cable/internet company? Perhaps...but may we suggest - your closing attorney! Having an experienced real estate attorney on board from the very beginning of the homebuying process can be a huge value-added component. What do I mean by that? By default, lenders will farm out your title and closing work to their own attorney or title company. That assignment will typically occur 2-4 weeks after you've signed the purchase contract, and that attorney/title company represents the lender's interests first and foremost. Now, we all know title and closing fees are unavoidable closing costs you will pay. Do you see where I'm going here?  You can have your own attorney from the very beginning of the homebuying process for the same cost that you'd otherwise pay the lender's attorney to get involved at the end of the process. You will be represented during the entire process, and your own attorney puts your interests first and foremost.  Your attorney will work hand-in-hand with you and your Realtor to make sure the that six-digit purchase contract is favorable to you, before you sign it! They can help you review loan proposals before you agree to them. Also, experienced real estate attorneys are familiar with most real estate professionals (and their reputations) in their area. That means they are a great resource to provide you with referrals to Realtors and lenders who will help you succeed. 

The Law Office of John Cappello provides title & closing services, and value-added legal counsel to homebuyers in Rhode Island and in Southeastern Massachusetts. We encourage clients to select their own attorney, and to work with lenders and real estate agents who support the buyer's free choice of attorney.

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